Wednesday, July 29, 2009

With Fierceness

Oh man. We learned this dance routine at the "Sexy Ladies Hip Hop" class at New Style Motherlode to a song called "We F*** You" by Electrik Red. (Listen to the song here) Last week I was not aware of what they were singing at all since I was more concerned with learning the steps, but then I decided to look the lyrics when I got home. OH BOY.

"Like a kid with a cake you can really eat it
Like a stray dog happy every time I feed him"

"Y'all don't f*** us, n***** we f*** you"

My initial reaction was- I was dancing to THAT?! :O Oh geez! But the song has grown on me. I've followed the instructor's commands to live the lyrics and perform the persona while we dance...and guess what, I love it! The routine was very sensuous but also tough in a girl power kind of way (in her words, "scary-sexy"). Here are some reactions to it in the dance studio.

Dancer #1: "Whew! It's hard being a ho!"
Dancer #2: "Too bad I don't have anyone to perform this for."
Me: "I am definitely going to have bruises on my knees"

*sigh* It was beautiful. I am adding this to my list of deliciously vulgar songs. Heh heh. The ending lyrics are hinting at sleeping with hipsters?...

But you gotta get your mind together
And them jeans is a little too tight...
It's cool. I f*** with it.
I get it. It's some fashion."


Speaking of fierceness, just when I was really proud of my little fauxhawk, my imaginary best guuurl friend Rihanna (her birth date is exactly one day after mine) just went ahead and one-upped me.

Goddammit, Rihanna! *shake fist*

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