Saturday, July 25, 2009

Like the Good Ol' Days, Kinda

Oh man, this reminds me of my Livejournal days in high school, but hopefully this will be sans all the drama. It better. Nothing here will be too personal anyway. That's what late-night tweets are for! *fake nervous crazy laughs*

I think this place will be for me to post stuff that I think not that many people care about, except for me of course. In other words, things I have gathered from the internet that *I* like, which you probably don't give a crap about.

Also you know what? I do like writing. I was going to major in literature and become a writer when I was little. That was before I discovered TV commercials though. Telling a story in a 30-sec spot instead of hundreds of pages? Way better! JK.

Anyway, I read this today: Couple Reunited and Married After 10 Years of Separation Due to the Discovery of Long Lost Love Letter. I don't know... The first thing I thought of is: why the hell did she move away then? Second of all, why didn't SHE contact him all these years at all? Lastly: Why the F was she single for 10 years? If she was so heartbroken, she should have done something about it. Geez.

I don't know why, but my first reaction is to criticize the woman for some reason. I guess he could have tried harder, too. This is probably because I am a woman. I am so harsh on my sex. Har har, P&P reference. In any case, good for them I suppose. Better late than never.

Well this has been a wonderful start of what is sure to be even more spectacular. I think I'll do a best of the best of all the past items I've posted on Facebook next, or eventually.

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