Monday, November 30, 2009

With Quarter Life Crisis

I think the first time I encountered the term “quarter life” was when I was looking for internships (from the internqueen, actually). It seems strange because all I heard about before was “mid life” and of course the crisis that comes associated with it.

Quarter life crisis has become a more common concept. Books have been published about it. Articles have been written devoted to it. Some TV news segments have been done on the topic. I personally have very mixed feelings about it, because according to this Huffington Post article that identifies the "symptoms," I definitely am experiencing it right now, yet to admit that seems like I am almost using it as an scapegoat. And I know for a fact that some of the issues I am facing have nothing to do with my age.

And just because it’s “normal, and everyone else does it” doesn’t mean that I should fall prey to it as well. I hate being peer pressured into anything. At the same time, apparently my need to “have it all” and often “insisting to do it alone” are also signs that I am going through a quarter life crisis. =_=

I know what I want to do with my life; the trouble is how to get every piece of the puzzle in place. I disagree with the idea that 20-somethings are still “figuring themselves out,” or at least as applied to me. I think the core of me is fully developed and pretty set. The minor things might change but that’s it.

And apparently quarter life is even more difficult for women?! (*grumble* of course, again)

Most authors say that this is kind of a “rite of passage” that’s inevitable (…like puberty?). Good news is that it shall pass. I am going to try to make this phase of my life go by faster then.

Anyway, I have looked through some online articles on how to survive your 20’s/quarter life (ok I admit that most of them happened to be by Christine Hassler. I am sorry! But I like her advice the most). Here are the best ones. I paraphrased most of them and the phrases in quotation marks are direct quotes.

1. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice – I actually do this often, but whether or not I take the suggestions is another story. Some sources say to browse through the self-help sections at bookstores as well.

2. “Up your financial IQ”- I really agree with this one, and I really need to do it.
3. “Know that you’re not alone”- Yes, it’s comforting to know that I am not the only one messed up.
4. “Don't wait for permission, approval or validation” – I whole-heartedly agree with this one! Case in point: my tattoos and recently dyed blue and purple hair.

5. It’s ok to rely on other people…- such as friends and family
6. …but then remember to have some me time – AKA self-reflection and self-investigation time. This one may seem silly especially if you’re a busy person with little resources (um, who can afford a soul-searching journey right now? In terms of money and time?), but honestly, being alone by choice is pretty awesome sometimes. I love watching movies and TV shows by myself because I don’t have to contain my emotions for others’ sake.

7. Balance and prioritize- Eh, I think I do that pretty well. Otherwise I would have breakdowns every month. However, sometimes it really seems like those two things are mutually exclusive of one another.
8. Appreciate what you do have… - Hmm, I probably don’t do this frequently enough.
9. …but a pity party is allowed once in a while- it’s okay to just wallow in sadness or anger in a given time, because it helps you get the upsetness out and then you can move on.

10. Stop comparing- Ie. don’t be jealous of your peers. Know that everyone’s different and are in different situations.
11. Be in the present- In other words, stop being nostalgic about the past and worrying about the future… I think this one will the most difficult one for me to follow. I have extremely good, detailed memory of the things I want to remember, and I am a planner.

12. Stop overanalyzing things, including yourself- But I like and am good at critical thinking and looking at things from multiple angles!... This is going to be another hard one.
13. “Know That 'Having It All' Is a Myth”- Very hard to accept when I want to be the best that I can and improve myself and all that jazz!...

…and then there are a bunch on career, which I personally think I can do without.

That’s all I got. Hopefully I can practice what I preach.

*Sources cited 1 2

Friday, November 27, 2009


Berktown has been so quiet and empty for the past few days. The kinds of people I see around campus can be categorized into the following groups:

(1) international students
(2) out of state students
(3) a few Bay Area locals who were just hanging out in Berkeley
(4) people who are on the way to somewhere else
(5) homeless people

Yes, it’s quite depressing. It’s like being single on Valentine’s Day. You know it’s just like any other night, but the fact that you know other people are doing something special makes it slightly difficult to be alone.

This Thanksgiving is arguably the only “real one” I have ever experienced. My nuclear family is immigrants and we do not really care about this holiday. For the past two years, I went to a boyfriend’s house for Thanksgiving, but I felt that I was experiencing it from an outsider’s point of view. Literally it’s their relatives, the people they have married, and then me, both times. It was like I was making a guest appearance in some other family’s gathering. And before that, I think I just thought of Thanksgiving as a freebie day off from school.

My friend Melissa’s family was going to kindly adopt me this year, but at the last minute, I was informed that our entire huge extended family are all going to one of my aunts' house because one of my uncles is here from Taiwan, and he’s not here often. It was super fun. About 50 Taiwanese-/Chinese-Americans under one roof. A lot of Chinese food, alcohol, and picture-taking were involved. ☺

It’s really weird to think about how much our family is going to expand. And even weirder to imagine how I am going to fit into all of it in the future. I have about 20 first cousins alone. And some of them are already married. Few even already have kids. At my cousin Amy’s wedding last week, the group of us 18-25 year old first cousins was talking about making a bet about which of us will get married soon.

Anyway, I am thankful for the following.
… that I am still very close with my brother, despite rarely seeing him anymore
… for my friends who have helped and supported me in any manner possible
… for UC Berkeley (even though I have very, very severe senioritis, I have really learned here)

… realizing that my extended family is pretty awesome and that I do like them (long story short: I didn’t meet most of them until I immigrated here and when they first met me, I was too young and spoke terrible English. And then after that I became more occupied with school and stopped attending family events. It was more like I didn’t know them enough to like them, but recently from Amy’s wedding and Thanksgiving, I have gotten to know them better.)

… for health, mine and other worthy figures' in my life
… that Taiwan is still there, not bombed, in the middle of a war or anything
… that this year is almost over and 2010 will be a brand new year (2009 has been very rough on me, but hey, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right?)

Monday, November 2, 2009

With How People Don't Take Marketing Seriously At All

I am so fed up about the fact that in general, people do not think marketing is difficult or complex. Oftentimes, they think it's common sense because they are exposed to it every day.

But let me ask you this: Do you know what a good portrait painting of a person look like? Right, it should look like the person realistically, of course... Does that mean everyone who knows that can paint good portraits? NO. Do you know what food tastes good? YES. Do you know how to make every single dish of these cuisines then? NO.

And this kind of "If I have experienced it enough, then I must be good enough to do it myself" logic seems to strangely only apply to marketing for some reason. For instance, I don't think anyone without proper training and education would walk into an accounting firm and demand a job because he or she "deals with money all the time." Unless they're crazy, I guess.

Most people (educated, and or successful people included) do not understand the delicate subtleties and the intricate planning that go behind marketing. The computer that you're using right now to read this? What the model is called and how much it's priced were carefully calculated by a group of marketers, and the packaging that it came in? Ditto.

The ad that you saw in that magazine you read at the dentist's office? Strategically placed in a section with content that would not contradict the ad's message or lead the reader to something else other than the preferred meaning AND the ad was placed in that magazine based on the demographics and interests of the magazine's average reader in order to optimize the ad's effectiveness.

All the commercial websites you go to? If it's a good enough company, the website design was carefully made in order for the highest usability to ensure the best user experience and to draw attention to the most important aspects of the website. If it was a REALLY good company, they probably have conducted focus groups to make sure the first time users have no problem navigating their websites that they are going to the sections that they're supposed to be most focused on.

Everything I mention IS part of marketing. Product naming, packaging design, brand management, media planning, product marketing... and there are so much more to marketing that those aspects, too. A lot of times, doing anything in marketing requires evidence from research, of the current market, of competitors, and of consumers as well.

It's totally fine that you don't understand what goes on in marketing, but please, do not downplay the difficulty of marketing if you have actually never worked on it or even learned about it in some way.

Here's a little anecdote: This person I used to work with in my student organization (I am not going to name him) really did not see the point of marketing AT ALL. He told me that it's like that baseball field thing: "If we build it, then they'll come." His argument was that if the product is good enough, then people will want to buy it. After he resigned, he somehow got involved in this crowd-sourcing marketing campaign for an energy drink. And guess what? He ended up apologizing to me and telling that marketing is a lot harder and more complex than he imagined.

...Why can't everyone just respect each other's job? Is it because people just think of marketing negatively? But somehow, I don't agree with giving plastic surgery unless the person were deformed, but I am not going to say, "Oh, liposuction is so easy to do! Anyone can stick a needle in someone's stomach and suck all the fat out!" The fact that you don't like something, doesn't mean that it loses its significance or level of complexity.

You can dislike marketing, but don't you dare tell me that it's easy. If it was easy, then all of our commercials would be reduced to "BUY THIS PRODUCT RIGHT HERE" over and over again, every product's name will just be what item it is (a PC will be computer type 1 and a Mac will be computer type 2), there'll be no need to have different prices for products within the same product category, you'll be wearing the same type of clothes as your grandpa, everything will just come in one color, everything's packaging will be in plain brown paper bags or white cartons, and everything ever produced will get bought, and there is no need to worry about surplus at all.

Yea, why don't you have fun with that.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

With Marketing

I want to go into marketing as a career.

There, I said it. I've come to the realization that this is what I want as a job since I was in high school. I fully understand that other people have extreme disdain for it. Capitalism, consumerism, and materialism are words that cannot be unassociated from marketing.

But guess what? I love it. I love things. I love buying things. I love watching a really great commercial. I love a really attractively-designed packaging. I love catching my own impulses for impulse-buying. I love noticing all the little details that go into social media marketing. I definitely have pulled a few Don Draper moments where I sneakily asked my friends why they bought certain items and asked them where they heard about it. I love it, I love it.

It's strange that I understand the principles of marketing, yet I full-heartedly give in. Nosedive in, even. Sometimes I even feel like I should reward the marketer by buying the product when I recognize excellent marketing.

Very often I feel really uncomfortable in my media studies or American studies classes about advertising. These classes exposes some of the marketing tactics that I do not agree with and the values that marketers insert into advertisements that I find horrible. Sitting there listening to my career goal being attacked as worthless and evil, I feel slightly queasy and defiant. The whole point of learning about this is to do better in the future when I get the chance, no?

One of my favorite professors, Jean Retzinger, closed her last lecture of a class last semester with that line. She also said that many of her past students e-mailed her in frustration that it is too hard to go against the status quo in the industry though. That makes me feel more uneasy than listening to another professor (whom I shall not name, because I actually do liker her a lot) share her total contempt for advertisers.

This other professor states that it is not even empirically proven that advertising always stimulates the economy, because there are studies out there that show in some cases, NOT advertising actually increased sales in certain products. That's fine. I can deal with it. The other point she mentioned though was that people back then did not possess nearly as many items as the contemporary individual does now, and they were fine and dandy.

That is true, but uh, people back then also had way lower hygiene standards and die earlier. Dogs are happy with a chew toy, too, but because we are human beings who try to progress forward (even if that's only an intention sometimes) and have complex minds, we need more than a squishy plastic item to be happy. I am not saying that products are essential for human happiness, but is it really so wrong to acquire happiness from an item? Nature is composed of things, too. What is the difference of being satisfied by eating a crisp Pink Lady apple and being giddy over using your new MP3 player?

Don't get me wrong. I do frown upon those who have to wear designer brands from head to toe, especially when they can't really afford it. But then again, anything is bad for you in extreme doses. You can't judge everything by only looking at its worst examples. It is very unfair.

And all the emphasis on being "cultured" now... All aspects of culture are being commodified. Foreign countries are products advertised to potential tourists the same way presidential candidates are portrayed to voters, which is the same exact manner how breakfast cereals entice kids with their packaging and strategic shelving in a supermarket.

All I am sayin' is, it is too late to change a system that has been deeply ingrained in the contemporary society. Everything costs something now. What do you want to do? Make things free? I don't think so. Although the system has its ups and downs, it is the best one we've come up with so far with trial and error, no? So we might as well do our best to make it work...that is my personal opinion.

I do have my doubts. I am definitely not going to be one of those people who advertise cigarettes to kids, but what about the more subtle things? Am I going to be unknowingly pushing the values that I despise?

All I want to is to create marketing campaigns that are enjoyable/creative/effective. I am slightly worried but not really. I know that I am a person of integrity and I don't think that my character will be changed drastically easily from now on when it's almost entirely formed.

Image courtesy of Shoe Lust.
P.S. That's the kind of shoes that I think Cinderella wears!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

With Motivational/Feminist-ish Songs

For the past hectic month or so, I've been living on some of these songs.

"Working in the corner  Peaking over shoulders  Waiting for my time to come   Working in the corner  One day to the other  Butter for my piece of bun   Stepping a stone and I'm all gone  Give me the tone  and I'm all gone  Yeah, I'm walking by the line  Not here, but in my mind   I'm working a sweat, but it's all good  Breaking my back but it's all good  'Cause I know i'll get it back  Yeah, I know your hands will clap   I'm working,  I'm working  To make butter for my piece of bun   And if you say I'm not okay with miles to go If you say there ain't no way that I could know  If you say I aim too high from down below  Well say it now 'cause when I'm gone  You'll be calling but I won't be at the phone   And I'm hanging around 'til it's all done  You can't keep me back once I had some  Wasting time to get it right  And you will see what I'm about" 
It really helps to hear this kind of "wel,l screw you if you think I can't do it" song when you've been repeatedly told that you do too much, and you're always doing things that people think that you can't do.
Here's a live version with Robyn on YouTube (Embedding function was removed). I especially love how her voice is so sweet, yet her attitude is so irreverent.

I was reading an article on how the first generation of female rappers' feminism is different than the second for my media studies research methods class when I found this song:

I would say that I love 90% of the music video (except the scene where it seems like a man tries to sexually assault a woman, and then she ends up beating him up...what?), but 100% of the lyrics. Here are some of my favorite lines.

"It ain't a man's world. No more sugar and spice (And everything nice)."
Powerpuff Girls are cute, and I did watch it often :D, but no.

"Now I can bring home the bacon, fry it in the pan

Got to break my neck just to get my respect
Go to work and get paid less than a man
When I'm doin' the same damn thing that he can"
One of my biggest fears for my the future career path.

"When I'm aggressive then I'm a bitch
When I got attitude you call me a witch"
To quote Tina Fey: "Bitch's the new black," and you should get used to it.

The next one somehow I can't find the lyrics online anywhere, so I am going to try my best to transcribe it. The song is so jazzy. It's incredible.

Oy. She sings too fast. I am just going to try to capture the best parts.

"I knew I had to go through somewhere to get where my destiny had in store.

So I planted my feet, stuck out my chest, and got to stomping.

But I skipped the drama, and any other distractions, and I think I've got the winner right here. Sing it along with me if you dig it.

I've been waiting a long time for this. I've been waiting oh so long for this.
Knew I was about to give it, but then it's back to the beginning.
And if you want it, you can have it; you've just gotta stick with it.

Just 'cause you got what it takes doesn't mean that you ready.
No, you won't get where you're supposed to be without integrity.
I know that you mistake the detour for a shortcut, but you just might end up taking the scenic route.
You got to know where you're going before you can figure out how.
Once you can do all of this, stick to the plan, it's important.
And one day you'll have the winner like this."

Ahh it's so good! The melody and the lyrics make up an instant mental pick-me-up, at least for me anyway.

The last two are slightly awkward, because mainly the first one is about a woman courting a man with a big ego, which in turns reveals her own huge ego, but there are inadvertently too many sexual innuendos, and then I couldn't help but wonder if she can use her confidence somewhere else, like work. And the second one is a woman talking how she's the best...but in the context of that's the reason why a man should pick her as a mate....

But I do love me some Mary J. Blige and Beyonce sassy songs: Upgrade U is also one of my personal favorites, and not just because she gets to dress up and act like Jay-Z in her music video, but because it's all about making your partner an equal. It does make me uncomfortable that apparently the way to do that is to buy him designer clothes and luxury cars, and through other consumption of goods... Ah media studies. You have simultaneously ruined me and opened my eyes at the same time. Anyway, back to the song.

I don't like the version with Kanye not because I think he's a pompous ass (C'mon, guys. It's how he sells himself. Chill out.) but because I feel like then it takes away the focus from the woman. Anyway, there is a chuck-load of quite explicit connections of comparing a man's ego to his reproductive organ:

"It's too big
It's too wide
It's too strong
It wont fit
It's too much"

Whatever. We're all adults here. The other parts of lyrics are more about female empowerment.

"Some call it arrogant
I call it confident

I walk like this cuz I can back it up
I talk like this cuz I can back it up"

Why shouldn't a woman be proud of her achievements? Why shouldn't she talk about what she's able to do if she has the capabilities? I am not saying that we should overestimate our limits, but being well aware of one's own abilities and having the confidence to communicate that to others and asking for what one deserves is important.

Here's Mary J. Blige's "The One."

First of all, she looks amazing for her age, but again, the song is about a woman courting a man because she thinks that she's worth it. And it's just slightly awkward to pair her with Drake, who's like, what, 20 years younger? Just sayin'. Anyway, best line right here: "I ain't saying that I am the best, but I am the best." So true, Mary, so true.

Ah I just realize this turns out to be a continuation of my fascination with black sassy women as well. Oh well.

Monday, August 10, 2009

With Sassy Songs

Today I was talking to a friend (Shahadat) and I realized that I oftentimes put more emphasis on the lyrics of a song rather than the actual melody, which is why sometimes I end up liking songs that the majority of the population deems crappy. Oh well.

Anyhow, onto music.

(Note: This music video is not an official one)
So this song actually came on my "Esthero + Bitter:sweet station" on Pandora a couple times before, but I was interning so I never paid attention to the lyrics until today. The lyrics are (kind of) the story of my life (...ok to be honest, probably also the story of the majority of women who are forward).

"Hey Boy
Why you didn't call me?
I waited for days
I can't believe you didn't call

A. You're gay
B. You've got a girlfriend
C. You kinda thought I came on too strong or
D. I just wasn't your thing
no ring

When we sat outside for an hour at the party and talked
I thought something good could be starting
It's not a lot that I want
just some talking
and really, you just injured my pride

Susan said that maybe you're scared
Shelly says there always is a reason
and Chris said you're probably surrounded by girls and I'm just not one of them you're needing"

To be honest, I rarely give out my phone number or ask for them, hence I even more rarely don't get called back, but it's the whole waiting and interpreting and asking friends for possible reasons that are eerily similar to what I do.

And yes, I am incredibly forward and my ego is bruised. Basically this song is the kind of train of thought that goes through my head.
:O The singer tells this story in such a honest sincere way, too. I feel like she's talking to her best friend (the voice inside her head or me the listener). Love it!

I heard this song repeatedly at NSM during class but I never figured that it was Ciara and Missy! FAIL! I love the bright color scheme of the music video (of course). And of course, I always love Missy and sometimes Ciara (sorry). This song just makes all the dance genes in my body jump with excitement, and also it also hits the spot for my cravings for strong-ladies-fierceness.

I am going to have to say though, Ciara sometimes scares me in the video. Is she going to attack me with her ponytail? I don't know! Is she going to stomp on me with those sky-high heels? I have no clue! ...Those ARE the hottest construction outfits and workers ever though. Kind of reminds me of Rihanna's hot mechanic co-workers in "Shut Up and Drive." Also, what is that GIGANTIC machinery that Ciara's dancing next to?! What is that for? Building condos for giants?

This music again isn't an official one. It's actually a project from UC Berkeley's Music Video DeCal. I love both the song and the video.

The song because well, that's exactly how I feel sometimes (*cough* more like often). I think it's good to let anger and irritation out instead of holding it in. And I love how Lily Allen basically coos the following obscene lyrics. Putting on a smiling face while you curse someone out is one of the best ways to swear in my opinion.

"Fuck you
Fuck you very very much
Cause we hate what you do and we hate your whole crew
So please don't stay in touch"

"Friend Lover" by Eletrik Red
Another gem (ok so that's debatable) by the gurl group. It's wonderfully catchy and I love the tong-in-cheek rhyming lyrics.

"He's my friend lover
Lover like no other
He fills me up when I'm running low on love

I just take the phone
Dial him up
Tell him what I want
Need a little this
Need a little that
From the front
From the back

He don't want talk about where I been
I don't want to talk about what he did
For me he'll leave his homies'
Come over and put it on me
We don't want to talk about what we do
Its' just between us two
He's not my man all day
But all night he's my boo


I'll never break the rules
Rule One: No poppin up un-announced
Rule Two: Never leave no clothes at my house
Rule Three: Can't speak if you see when I'm out
Rule Four: You cant' stay pass five, I gotta be to work by nine"

Obviously the song is about hook up buddies/friends with benefits, and I don't think I've ever heard of another song on the same object. Plus it's just so...happy and fun. Also the song makes me want to do a lot of ridiculous hand gestures and facial expressions. Ask me and I'll be happy to demonstrate.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

With Fierceness

Oh man. We learned this dance routine at the "Sexy Ladies Hip Hop" class at New Style Motherlode to a song called "We F*** You" by Electrik Red. (Listen to the song here) Last week I was not aware of what they were singing at all since I was more concerned with learning the steps, but then I decided to look the lyrics when I got home. OH BOY.

"Like a kid with a cake you can really eat it
Like a stray dog happy every time I feed him"

"Y'all don't f*** us, n***** we f*** you"

My initial reaction was- I was dancing to THAT?! :O Oh geez! But the song has grown on me. I've followed the instructor's commands to live the lyrics and perform the persona while we dance...and guess what, I love it! The routine was very sensuous but also tough in a girl power kind of way (in her words, "scary-sexy"). Here are some reactions to it in the dance studio.

Dancer #1: "Whew! It's hard being a ho!"
Dancer #2: "Too bad I don't have anyone to perform this for."
Me: "I am definitely going to have bruises on my knees"

*sigh* It was beautiful. I am adding this to my list of deliciously vulgar songs. Heh heh. The ending lyrics are hinting at sleeping with hipsters?...

But you gotta get your mind together
And them jeans is a little too tight...
It's cool. I f*** with it.
I get it. It's some fashion."


Speaking of fierceness, just when I was really proud of my little fauxhawk, my imaginary best guuurl friend Rihanna (her birth date is exactly one day after mine) just went ahead and one-upped me.

Goddammit, Rihanna! *shake fist*

Monday, July 27, 2009


The K/T MUNI never ceased to impress me with the kind of (mis)adventures I encounter while riding it. Today, a heated argument turned into physical fight on the T line. The bus had to be stopped for a long time and cops were called.

One of the most ridiculous reasons to be late to work for. I don't think anyone would have believed me at Mixamo had a co-worker not also been on the bus with me. He actually unfortunately got a front row seat of the whole thing while all I heard was shouting.

Anyway, what is even more RIDIC is how the fight started. According to my co-worker, a female nurse just lashed out at these two flamboyant men because she thought they were gay.

There are so many things wrong in that situation.

First of all, why the F did a homophobic person choose to unlease basically a gay hate crime on public transit in San Francisco? Either move to somewhere else or shut the hell up is my opinion.

Secondly, how/why the hell did this person become a nurse? Is she going to treat homosexual patients differently? I thought nurses are supposed to kind human beings trying to help others.

Lastly, REALLY? REALLY? This amount of prejudice is still existing. Great job, America.

I am too upset now. Must talk about something happier.

Ok so I was transporting music from my old desktop PC to my new MacBook (finally), and I inevitably listened to some songs that I haven't clicked on in a while, and the Veggie Tales theme song came on.

I honestly thought that all American middle schools did this, but apparently only Teel middle school in Modesto, CA played Veggie Tales music videos in the morning on certain weekdays.
Sure, they tend to have a Christianity subtext, but c'mon, it's talking/singing/dancing vegetables! Plus, if I am going to learn about stories in the famous bible, might as well learn them in entertaining ways complete with cucumbers, tomatoes, and whatnot. And I've always loved eating plants personally, but I imagine that this must be a great tool to get other kids to eat them.

Also the songs are quite catch! My favorites are "The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything" and "His Cheeseburger."

The original "The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything":

Of course, this was turned into a movie. Guess who watched it while organizing her room and folding laundry one day? Yours truly!

Relient K's rock cover:

This also apparently was a song on Guitar Hero 2. I haven't played it, but you bet that I would have rocked it because I know the lyrics by heard. Yar.

The original "His Cheeseburger":

Adorable, as drawing parallels between romance and food is always precious.

There was also this AMAZING fanmade music video of this song with footage about Pam, Jim, and Karen from the Office, too, but apparently that video has been taken down. Bastards :/. Well, obviously, Pam= cheeseburger, and Karen= Denny's. You get the gist if you watch the show.

Some quotes from the day to serve as parting words:

Vanessa- "I think the average orgy-goer is pretty gross."

Yea we were talking about how I am so lazy that I should hire someone to give me a bath, and then one thing lead to another. You figure that out.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Like the Good Ol' Days, Kinda

Oh man, this reminds me of my Livejournal days in high school, but hopefully this will be sans all the drama. It better. Nothing here will be too personal anyway. That's what late-night tweets are for! *fake nervous crazy laughs*

I think this place will be for me to post stuff that I think not that many people care about, except for me of course. In other words, things I have gathered from the internet that *I* like, which you probably don't give a crap about.

Also you know what? I do like writing. I was going to major in literature and become a writer when I was little. That was before I discovered TV commercials though. Telling a story in a 30-sec spot instead of hundreds of pages? Way better! JK.

Anyway, I read this today: Couple Reunited and Married After 10 Years of Separation Due to the Discovery of Long Lost Love Letter. I don't know... The first thing I thought of is: why the hell did she move away then? Second of all, why didn't SHE contact him all these years at all? Lastly: Why the F was she single for 10 years? If she was so heartbroken, she should have done something about it. Geez.

I don't know why, but my first reaction is to criticize the woman for some reason. I guess he could have tried harder, too. This is probably because I am a woman. I am so harsh on my sex. Har har, P&P reference. In any case, good for them I suppose. Better late than never.

Well this has been a wonderful start of what is sure to be even more spectacular. I think I'll do a best of the best of all the past items I've posted on Facebook next, or eventually.