Monday, July 27, 2009


The K/T MUNI never ceased to impress me with the kind of (mis)adventures I encounter while riding it. Today, a heated argument turned into physical fight on the T line. The bus had to be stopped for a long time and cops were called.

One of the most ridiculous reasons to be late to work for. I don't think anyone would have believed me at Mixamo had a co-worker not also been on the bus with me. He actually unfortunately got a front row seat of the whole thing while all I heard was shouting.

Anyway, what is even more RIDIC is how the fight started. According to my co-worker, a female nurse just lashed out at these two flamboyant men because she thought they were gay.

There are so many things wrong in that situation.

First of all, why the F did a homophobic person choose to unlease basically a gay hate crime on public transit in San Francisco? Either move to somewhere else or shut the hell up is my opinion.

Secondly, how/why the hell did this person become a nurse? Is she going to treat homosexual patients differently? I thought nurses are supposed to kind human beings trying to help others.

Lastly, REALLY? REALLY? This amount of prejudice is still existing. Great job, America.

I am too upset now. Must talk about something happier.

Ok so I was transporting music from my old desktop PC to my new MacBook (finally), and I inevitably listened to some songs that I haven't clicked on in a while, and the Veggie Tales theme song came on.

I honestly thought that all American middle schools did this, but apparently only Teel middle school in Modesto, CA played Veggie Tales music videos in the morning on certain weekdays.
Sure, they tend to have a Christianity subtext, but c'mon, it's talking/singing/dancing vegetables! Plus, if I am going to learn about stories in the famous bible, might as well learn them in entertaining ways complete with cucumbers, tomatoes, and whatnot. And I've always loved eating plants personally, but I imagine that this must be a great tool to get other kids to eat them.

Also the songs are quite catch! My favorites are "The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything" and "His Cheeseburger."

The original "The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything":

Of course, this was turned into a movie. Guess who watched it while organizing her room and folding laundry one day? Yours truly!

Relient K's rock cover:

This also apparently was a song on Guitar Hero 2. I haven't played it, but you bet that I would have rocked it because I know the lyrics by heard. Yar.

The original "His Cheeseburger":

Adorable, as drawing parallels between romance and food is always precious.

There was also this AMAZING fanmade music video of this song with footage about Pam, Jim, and Karen from the Office, too, but apparently that video has been taken down. Bastards :/. Well, obviously, Pam= cheeseburger, and Karen= Denny's. You get the gist if you watch the show.

Some quotes from the day to serve as parting words:

Vanessa- "I think the average orgy-goer is pretty gross."

Yea we were talking about how I am so lazy that I should hire someone to give me a bath, and then one thing lead to another. You figure that out.


  1. Chin. Good to see your getting back to blogging. Came across your twitter post and thought I'd check it out. I almost even did the Google Friend Connect (actually I did and then undid it) but I figured that would just be one more thing to worry about. I'll link to this blog on Freed Thoughts although don't hold your breath for any traffic.

  2. Awwww thanks Jerry! Gimme your link!